Meet Ashley Swift: Territory Manager, Animal Lover, Sharp Shooter

Here at South Inc., we never shy away from an opportunity to embrace what makes us great- our incredible team. Ashley Swift has been a territory manager with the team since January of 2019, but her journey with South Inc. began long before that.

Born and raised in Nashville, Swift remembers her childhood as a busy one. “I come from a big family,” says Swift, “I also come from a strong sports background. I was always involved and that shaped my competitive nature. I was super friendly as a kid. I grew up on a farm, which made me a huge animal lover- I would try to bring home any critter I could.” Her involvement was spread far and wide, but her true love was on the softball field.

“My main focus was softball,” says Swift, “but I had a career ending injury my junior year of high school which shattered my college plans. I was a pitcher on multiple teams, and I was essentially highly overworked. I tore a bunch of tendons and ligaments in my elbow and had ‘Tommy John surgery’ which is common in baseball players. The surgery was unsuccessful, and I was told that I would never be able to pitch again. After that, I picked up competitive shotgun shooting, which I focused on throughout college and beyond.”

Despite the pain of a career ending injury, closing the softball chapter of her life allowed Ashley to begin an entirely new chapter in the form of competitive shooting. Not only did she enjoy the sport, she truly thrived. “Shooting is a very interesting sport,” says Swift, “It is very performance based on an individual level, but competitions are team based. The focus is on maximizing your own performance. I started later than most, so I was determined to be the best that I could be. That pushed me to be super competitive. I ended up getting a scholarship to Lindenwood University, the school with the number one shotgun shooting program in the country.”

As a university student, Swift was given the opportunity to explore her interests and passions alongside excelling at her sport. Initially a pre-med student, Swift quickly realized that her business mentality was better suited away from the world of science. “College was an amazing experience for me,” says Swift, “I went to school in St. Louis, which was six hours away from home. All of my friends went to local Nashville schools, but I knew I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I started as a biochemistry major, but soon changed to business administration and marketing. I stayed on the shotgun team for four years, during that time I was part of four national championships and worked as a coach’s assistant. I decided that four years was not enough for me, so I stayed and went to grad school to study communications and promotions. During this time, I worked as a graduate assistant coach for the team and helped them claim more national championships.”

Three years before joining the South Inc. team, Ashley Swift made her first connection with the team. She applied for an internship with us three years ago, but had to focus on her health after a leg surgery left her unable to walk for an entire summer. Swift kept in touch with our team for three years, and when she was ready, we welcomed her with open arms. Since joining our team, Swift has seen great success and experience. “I’ve gotten to do a lot of traveling since joining,” says Swift, “My very first day in the business I got on a plane and went to Miami for three weeks. That was so exciting, I was thrown in all the way and forced out of my comfort zone. I became friends with everyone so quickly.”

As for the future, Swift has big plans for herself. “I see myself in a management position,” says Swift, “I see myself living somewhere warm, whether it be Tennessee or Texas. I want to see a lot of improvement and development within myself, as well as others.”


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