Get to know us!

South Inc is a private marketing and sales firm located in the heart of downtown music city. We provide large clientele in the wireless telecom field with the BEST expertise in brand-building,  customer service, face to face sales and acquisition management.

Our team environment can best be described as fun, competitive, driven, and goal-oriented. We are comprised of a very diverse group of individuals with varying skill-sets, backgrounds, and personalities. What we all share is a common goal towards the success of our clients and the growth of our booming business.

By providing our employees with opportunities for advancement and ultimately professional success, we keep a motivated vibe alive in the office at all times. Not only do we work hard and do our job well here at South Inc, but we believe in having fun along the way!

Contact Us:

🏢: 701 Murfreesboro Pike Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37210


☎️: (615) 428-2685


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