Maddie Makes An Impression: A Summer Internship Story

It takes a lot to wow us here at South Inc Nashville. 

Over the last 6 years, we’ve had the honor of working with the highest-rated clients in the entertainment/wireless industries, interviewed the brightest graduates, and worked with the sharpest talent in Nashville. So, when we placed an ad for a marketing & sales intern back in April, we never expected to be as blown away by Maddie Gann as we were.

At just 21, Maddie came to our South Inc office with an impressive background: a Belmont student focusing on business administration, managing social media for Bridgestone Arena, and boasting a YouTube account with over 1000 subscribers. We were floored. The marketing & sales internship, we quickly realized, was not where Maddie’s talents would be best suited – we needed her help managing our company’s online efforts and acquiring new talent for our firm through social media marketing.

Thankfully, Maddie was as impressed with us as we were with her and accepted an offer to intern with our company for the summer and help with video production, creation, and posting. In the past 3 months, Maddie has produced over 13 videos, proving to us that our hiring decision was well made.

To backtrack on Maddie’s story and explain the upbringing that made her into the determined, ambitious young woman she is, Maddie grew up in Wheaton, IL where she lived until her college move to Nashville. The youngest child, second to another sister 4 years older, Maddie recalls a childhood of love and motivation. Her parents taught her to never settle, always striving to hit her next goal in life without fear of barricades or hurdles. Despite being shy as a kid, Maddie recalls being extremely internally-driven. Starting her Youtube career as a senior in High School, she has grown her audience 1000X, reaching into influencer status in the beauty and vlogging scene.

A powerhouse on campus, you can find Maddie filming between classes and planning content for both her personal & South Inc channel. With the goal of growing the subscribers on both pages, she looks every day for ways to improve her craft. Now staying on board with our team until the end of 2019, it is both exciting and promising to see what Maddie will accomplish.

Outside of work, Maddie is often found hiking around Nashville, finding new food spots or sharing her day on YouTube with her fans. Planning to graduate in May 2020 and move to New York with her big sister, Maddie moves through each day like the social media guru she is – energetic, entertaining, and enlightening.

“If you have a goal or a dream, just go for it,” Maddie says. “Don’t worry about anything else. I have so much I want to do and accomplish and a whole new chapter waiting for me after college so I just keep moving forward. You can too.”

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