Cruising Through Life With Purpose: An Interview With Jared Freeman

There are many things we love about our team at South Inc, but if we had to put our finger on what we admire most, it’s that regardless of background, upbringing, previous job experience, likes, dislikes, etc., our team shows up day in and day out eager to learn, to grow, and to be better than they were yesterday.

Perhaps it’s testament to our hiring and screening processes, uniting like-minded people together, or a more extensive belief system that emphasizes “work” as an opportunity to better yourself (not just a place to collect a paycheck and do your time), but our team is truly one of a kind.  They’re a collective group of winners filled with talent, who make coming to work every day feel like a dream. Let’s meet one of them, Jared Freeman, Territory Manager at South Inc.


When we say that Jared is a fascinating guy, we’re not sure if that entirely does him justice! A Phoenix City, AL native,  Jared is the proud son of a selfless policeman and dominant businesswoman in the insurance field and from childhood, a bleeding heart for animals. Graduating from high school in 2013, he immediately made a splash at his dream college of Auburn in the school’s Marine Biology program. Focusing on octopi intelligence and Great White migratory patterns (so cool, we know), Jared helped pioneer a lot of the programs at Auburn, becoming the first student to have his own octopus (Ollie) for research analysis. As graduation led the way to a crossroads of more schooling or work, Jared chose to work in hopes of finding a career path that supported his interests regarding people, travel, and animals. He was fortunate enough to continue onwards with Southeastern Freight Lines, the company he had worked for over half of his collegiate career, and spent the last 3 years prior to South Inc venturing from Miami to Dallas to Nashville while overseeing 270-360 team members as the company’s Assistant Center Service Manager.

After realizing that there was more for him out there professionally, Jared decided to take a leap and start exploring different career fields. He knew in his next position that he wanted to learn more about customer acquisition and retention, get to know his community better, and strengthen his sales skills, and lo & behold, South Inc emerged on LinkedIn as a beacon of growth opportunity.


Like most people, Jared was instantly attracted to the good-natured personalities of the people he interviewed with and fascinated by the company’s business model of rewarding performance over tenure.  Within his first 5 months of employment, he has truly taken his career by the reins and traveled with business trips in Louisville, Miami, Atlanta, Memphis, and Dallas! A reputable source of energy, positivity, experience, and technique, Jared has quickly proven himself as a staple to our company’s leadership team with big plans for the rest of 2020.


Outside of the office, Jared is as social as they come. Whether it’s taking Auburn, his red-nose pitbull, and Banden, his Doberman pincher & Staffordshire terrier mix outdoors, tailgating for an AU game, watching animal documentaries, playing his bass guitar, discovering new places around Nashville, or making memories on his motorcycle cruiser, Jared is always living life to it’s fullest. He plans in the next few years, on top of moving into a management position with South Inc, to free-dive with Great White sharks in Australia, travel to Botswana and Egypt, and open offices for our client in Ireland & Switzerland. And while we have zero interest in freediving with him (haha), you can better believe we’ll be rooting him on each step of the way.

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