We Get Better, So We Get Bigger: Introducing Justin To Our Management Team

We’re no stranger to hard work here at South Inc. In fact, we know that hard work is the only way our company progresses and expands. There’s no magical short cut or app we’re going to invent that’s going to launch us into the stratosphere of the Starbucks & Apples of the world. It’s going to be arduous, intentional, and worth every drop of sweat, like it is for almost every small business. And we’re going to get there with the leadership of managers like Justin Callahan.

Callahan was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, growing up in the suburbs until moving away at 17. Justin’s childhood revolved around baseball and school, and he attributes sports to his competitive nature in the office. “Being an athlete develops the competitive mindset at a young age,” says Callahan, “you are taught to practice and hone in on your skills.” When asked what helped him get promoted into a management role, Justin states, “I always wanted to be ahead of the pack and was willing to put in the work to do so. My parents are the hardest workers I’ve ever met; they taught me, inadvertently from a young age, how to be show up and show out in my work.”

After high school, Callahan would go on to study accounting at a local university. “I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do,” says Callahan, “I pursued accounting because I was familiar with it and felt confident that there would always be work in the field. However, I would come to find out that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.” Queue the marketing & sales industry.

Moving from Pennsylvania to Florida without a clear path or plan in mind, Justin knew one thing: in order to grow, he needed to be out of his comfort zone; somewhere he had room to learn, make mistakes, and find his calling. Fortunately, not soon after moving, Justin applied and interviewed for an Entry-Level Sales Representative position and got the job! It was there his trajectory to South Inc began.

After starting with our client in Fort Lauderdale, FL and surpassing their sales expectations, Justin was offered an opportunity to help expand their campaign into West Palm Beach. No stranger to change, he picked up and moved an hour away, proving to himself and team that no matter the city, it’s your attitude and work ethic that makes a difference in your performance!

Not even a year later, Justin was extended another work relocation offer, this time 4 hours away to Jacksonville. Jacksonville proved to offer the biggest room for professional development, earning Justin a promotion to management and an opportunity to finally help the client move westward out of Florida. Between the choices of Louisville, Indianapolis, and Nashville. Justin chose Music City USA (who can blame him!) and our client moved him into our office at the start of summer!

The last 4 months having Justin as a part of our management team has only helped elevate our game even more. What we appreciate most about him is his student mentality. Justin always has a desire to improve and stresses that to our team. He states, “between podcasts, TED Talks, YouTube videos, and books, there’s no excuse not to continuously learn.”

When he’s not rallying our team, you can find Justin exploring Nashville, watching football, cheering on his beloved Eagles (he’s currently taking bets on them winning the SuperBowl), catching up on Peaky Blinders, and planning for our biggest year yet: 2020. With goals of helping the company expand threefold, Justin knows it’s going to take a lot of planning and a lot of hard work. “Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. That’s what inspires me to keep hustling.”

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