Cheering on Christian: Nashville & Beyond

Every person’s career path at South Inc is unique. Unlike most corporations where your background and school experience specifies you to a certain box, South Inc prides itself on empowering employees to not only polish the skills they have but strengthen the skills they need for management. For us, it’s all about promoting careers that break through boxes and excel past the traditional growth arc seen in corporate America. When we think of someone who has had an incredible career journey with South Inc, we think of Christian Veith.

Born and raised in Louisville, KY until he was 18 years old, Christian knew only of a life surrounded by family, love, and sports. The oldest sibling of 3 (brother to 2 younger sisters), Christian grew up with a pronounced sense of responsibility and appreciation for his mother, who primarily raised all 3 kids by herself.

After a semester at the University of Kentucky – Lexington, Christian made a bold decision to move to Nashville upon receiving admission to Belmont University. Graduating just 4 years later with a double major in business & marketing, Christian set a precedent for himself of doing the unexpected and stepping outside of his comfort zone; a pattern we see every year in his career at South Inc.

Fast forward a year and a half after graduation, and after being told by dozens that he should pursue a career in sales, Christian listens and interviews with South Inc in July of 2016! Not even a month after starting, when presented with a chance to help South Inc’s then client extend into Oklahoma City, Christian jumps at the opportunity and helps spearhead the expansion. That westward move proved fruitful and 15 months later, Christian was asked again to help our old client move, this time closer to home in Lexington, KY.

Serving the Lexington market for a year and a half, Christian honed his management skills extensively, becoming a master at training, interviewing, and team building. When South Inc’s CEO, Hannah Hoffman, called Christian with the opportunity to return to Nashville and work on behalf of a new client and wireless technology campaign, he, again, jumped at the opportunity and moved 4 of his team down with him.

Despite being back for less than 2 months, Christian is already benefitting the team massively, aiding in all areas of operations and sales. With goals of once again leaving Nashville, this time for one of the Carolinas, he intends to help our client expand by January 6th, 2020 and threefold over the course of the new year. Stating, “I love the competitive, yet inclusive family culture that South Inc promotes” we know that Christian is a considerable part of what makes this culture possible.

A travel enthusiast who has goals of visiting all 7 wonders of the world and Santorini in the next 10 years,  Christian lives each day like it’s an adventure waiting to be uncovered. His easy-going nature and optimist outlook on life are 2 of the reasons Christian has had such massive success at South Inc, and yet, somehow, we know this is just the beginning of his unique career journey with us.

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