Meet Hannah Hoffman: Marketing Manager

South Inc. has seen great growth in success in the past few years, and much of that is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our fearless leader, Hannah Hoffman. Hannah serves as our Marketing Manager and has been with the team since 2013. As we come upon her six-year sales industry anniversary, we wanted to shine a light on her greatness. In this one on one interview, Hannah chatted with us about life, success, and her advice for those who seek to follow her path.

Where were you born?

“I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest of five. I have three older brothers and a sister.”

Did you grow up in Atlanta, or did you move around?

“Yes, I spent my whole life in Atlanta. I moved to Nashville 6 years ago!”

How would your parents have described you as a kid?

“As a kid, I was adventurous and active. I loved playing outside and reading books. I had tons of friends in the neighborhood and always tried to tag along with my older siblings.”

Were you involved in any sports?

“I played softball, mostly for the social side of things! I got to hang out with my friends at practice after school! I played all through high school.”

What was your work experience before joining our team?

“I had tons of jobs throughout high school and before this! My first job was at Baskin Robbins scooping ice cream. I had the key to open and close the store within a month of working there. I then worked retail at a locally owned Ace Hardware- that’s where I learned the value of entrepreneurship and work ethic from the owner, Charles. I also worked at a pizza place, and then Applebee’s waitressing and bartending was my final job before this. I looked around the restaurant one day and realized the bartender had a master’s degree and worked two jobs to pay his bills and my managers were all miserable overworked and underpaid. So, I quit to find a better opportunity.”

What is one life experience you feel has changed you?

“Growing up my dad did sales. He didn’t earn commission, but I always remember after a big sale he’d say, ‘man, if I just earned 3% commission or if I just earned 1% I would have made x $$.’ I think that sunk into my subconscious and made me believe that commission was a great opportunity to increase your own paycheck.”

What is something we might not know about you by just looking at you?

“I am a great cook, or I should say a great recipe follower. Pinterest is my go-to for finding recipes and I love cooking fresh healthy food!”

When did you join the team?

“I started on March 4, 2013.”

What did you notice about the office on your first day?

“It was upbeat, loud, fun and competitive. I loved the team atmosphere and the goal-driven environment. It pushed me out of my comfort zone with public speaking and leadership.”

How would you describe your leadership style?

“Laidback, open door management, one on one coaching meetings regularly, friendly, daily learning and development.”

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

“All of the travel. I’ve been to Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Iceland, not to mention everywhere in the US multiple times- including LA, Chicago, NYC, Disneyland, Disneyworld, and Universal Studios.”

Did you ever think that you would end up in this field?

“NO. I never dreamed of management or sales or training, but it suits me well.”

What have you learned through your work that you didn’t know before?

“How to work with different personality types. We do this test called the DISC profiles. Tony Robbins does it, multiple Fortune 500 companies do it for their employees. It helps me understand not only my own but other people’s personalities and how they like to be communicated with to be the most effective.”

How has this career changed you as a person?

“I’ve 180’d as a person. I came in as a 23-year-old with no professional experience. I am now a successful businesswoman with a team of 11 managers and 150 reps and multiple clients and campaigns. I was scared to speak in front of 5 people and I now regularly give speeches in front of anywhere from 20-3000 people.”

What are your goals in the company?

“My goal is to pick up two new clients in 2019, increase the standards to work and continue employment within the company, run a minimum of $1 million in sales for our newest client at our Nashville location.”

Do you recommend any business books or podcasts?

“My favorite podcast currently is “The Life Coach School”. I listen to every single one on my drive into work. Really expands my knowledge of coaching and developing people.

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

“I love to hang out with my cutest 3-year-old little boy! I watch the Bachelor, wine and dine with friends and family all over Nashville. I exercise- running and weights, read, listen to podcasts, explore coffee shops, and cook.”

Hannah- from all of us in your South Inc. family, we thank you for everything you do for us. You have elevated our team immensely and we have learned so much from you.


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