Meet Josh Armstrong: From England to Nashville

South Inc. is proud to introduce one of our star team members, Josh Armstrong. Josh has traveled a long way to join our team, calling Southampton, England home. The account manager has been with the team since August of 2018, and has made huge strides in success since that day. This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss life, business, and goals.

Did you grow up in Southampton?

“Yes, I was primarily raised there. I was an athletic, lively, energetic, and sports-oriented kid.”

Sports oriented- did you always play sports growing up? How did that environment shape you?

“Yes, I participated in a variety of sports which helped me develop leadership skills, team building, reflective skills, and physical shape and size. I also worked as a youth football development coach at a football club in England.”

What is one life experience you feel has shaped you?

“Moving to the United States helped shape my independence and social outlook.”

What is one thing we might not know by looking at you?

“I make an extremely good cup of tea.”

When did you start with the company, and what were your initial thoughts?

“I started on August 20th, 2018. My first thoughts were that it was a fun work environment with a young group of people. It was unique to hear music being played when I walked in and the friendly warm atmosphere when waiting for my interviews.”

How would you describe the culture here at South Inc.?

“The culture is all about having fun and developing yourself as a well-rounded individual. The room for growth is superb and definitely embraces that.”

What has been your best memory with the company?

“My best memory with the company has been the leadership conference where we went as a team and networked with other managers and other offices employees and had a ton of fun down there too.”

Did you have any idea you would end up in this field?

“I had no idea where I’d be working and what field it may be. When this opportunity presented itself, it was too good to turn down.”

What have you learned through this career that you didn’t know before?

“I learned that I can really persist and grind when the going gets tough. It brings out the best in you and that I can socialize with absolutely anyone. Conversational development has been huge here talking to a lot of customers and building great relationships. It has allowed me to develop my confidence massively. Starting conversations is now not a problem for me. I don’t struggle for things to talk about anymore.”

What are your goals with the company?

“My goals are to make it to Assistant Management by May 30th and then finalize the push to management by August 30th and continue to grow and develop others through the management training program and continue the push to consultant.”

Do you have any mentors?

“I have mentors inside the workplace and a few outside of the workplace too. Picking their brains on a regular basis is key for growth and development.”

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

“I play soccer first or any other sport after that. I do love a night out at bars/clubs too and concerts, whenever acts that I like are playing. Heading out for good food and drinks with friends during the day and watching sporting events live or on television are also one of my favorite things to do.”


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