Meet Gabe Langlois: From the Football Field to the Sales Field

Here at South Inc., we find that the most important thing to remember when building a team is appreciation. We feel grateful each and every day to work with our amazing clients, and our hard-working team members. This month, we decided to shine a light on one of these incredible team members, and show the world what makes us great. Our team has had the pleasure of working alongside Gabe Langlois since October of 2018, and this month we sat down with him to talk about life, business, and success.

Gabe Langlois was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Growing up, Langlois spent his years in Prairieville, Louisiana, and Port Neches, Texas. As a kid, Langlois was quite the athlete. Alongside his competitive streak, Langlois could be described as funny, adventurous, and “go with the flow.” “I’ve played sports since I was five years old,” says Langlois, “I played football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. After high school graduation, I played collegiate football at LSU, and attended Southern University Law School.”

His career as a collegiate athlete brought so much growth, joy, and success for Langlois, but also held experiences of disappointment and change. “Losing the national championship in 2011 was a real blow,” says Langlois, “we worked extremely hard up to that point, and to fall short was such a disappointment.”

Langlois started with the South Inc. team on October 15th, 2018. “I immediately noticed the high energy in the office,” says Langlois, “I didn’t expect the office to be like a locker room, which was a natural environment for me. This career has taught me to work hard and have a fun time while doing it, that makes it much more exciting than being stuck in a cubicle. I’ve learned to have a lot more respect for those out there doing what we do in order to become someone or build something.”

Gabe Langlois’ career goals reflect is relentless motivation and stellar work ethic. “I want to build a strong team and get to be a top dog.”


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