Meet Eric Sims: Team Lead

It’s holiday time at South Inc., and to us, that means it’s the time to celebrate our incredible team members. This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of our team leads, Eric Sims! Sims has been with the company since mid-November, and in the single month he has been with us, he has added such value and growth to the entire team.

Eric Sims was born and raised in Indianapolis, before moving to Nashville at the age of 19. A well behaved, quiet kid, Sims split his time between his studies and his musical side. “I played in the jazz band through middle and high school, as well as in the creative writing club,” says Sims, “the band environment can be surprisingly competitive, and I extremely competitive and will always be talking smack to my competitors- but never a sore loser.”

After graduating from high school, Sims headed off to study at Indiana University and Middle Tennessee State, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. “I didn’t think I’d be in sales until I moved to Nashville,” says Sims, “I worked at a produce market in Indiana for 5 years from age 15-20 managing the floor. Then I started in direct sales when I moved to TN. Following that, I worked at a JCPenney during college & then after graduation I worked for a stage lighting company building systems for tours/festivals across the world. I had worked in sales for 10 months and always said that it was the best job I ever had so 6 years later, I’m back and taking it more serious than ever.”

“One of the greatest, life-changing experiences I had was moving away from home at the age of 19,” says Sims, “I think every young person needs to get away from home in those formative years to discover who they really are and push themselves to the next degree.”

Sims officially started with the company on November 12th, 2018. “My first thought when I joined the company was that it felt so good to be back and see the opportunity,” says Sims, “the culture is like a family, we all joke and laugh and help each other.”

“Through this career, I have become sharper, wiser, and more capable than ever,” says Sims, “I have learned through this opportunity that I am meant for leadership and team building. I learned how capable I was and how the limits of what I thought I could do only existed in my head.”

Eric Sims has no confusion when it comes to his goals, and he has his eye on the prize- the assistant manager position to be exact.

Fun fact about Eric: he is completely covered in tattoos, but you might not know it when he’s suited up!

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