What I Learned In A Year Working At South Inc

It’s amazing the development that can happen to someone in just a year’s time. Take it from Jeremy DiMeo, Corporate Trainer here at South Inc Nashville.

In just over a year’s time, Jeremy has graduated from college, relocated to a new state (Hello, Tennessee), started a career that genuinely challenges him, and worked daily to develop into the better business leader. We sat down with Jeremy to learn more about his journey to Nashville and his goals with the company.

Jeremy, tell us your back story pre-Tennessee!

I was born in Scituate, Rhode Island and lived there from birth until I left for college. I grew up with one older brother and 2 younger, adopted sisters, the son of 2 veterinarians with big hearts (our house was always filled with animals of varying breeds)! I went to Smithfield, RI to attend Bryant University and received my Bachelors in Marketing there. By that time, my brother had enlisted in the Army and my parents had moved to Colorado so I had fewer ties to Rhode Island and was open to relocating. I applied to a bunch of jobs in Denver and one in Nashville, and low & behold, South Inc Nashville happened.

What attracted you to the company?

I saw an ad when searching for marketing positions that said “Sports-Minded Personality Wanted” that screamed ME! I did my homework online, liked what I saw, and drove to Nashville for my interview. I could tell from social media, and especially in person, that the team’s camaraderie was special and something I could get behind. I knew I didn’t want a job where I just checked in and out — I wanted somewhere I could make friends and actually like what I do.

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since working in the company? 

I’ve learned to not expect things “just because.” So often we think, well I showed up, so I should get this or I did A so I should automatically get B, but in fact, the only time you should expect results is if you know you prepared and did your absolute best. School and making friends came really easily to me and I didn’t have my first job until I was 18, so I didn’t have the best foundation for hard work. Being emerged into a performance based environment at work reminded me nothing would be handed to me and I had to make it happen for myself, which was really good for me.

What advice do you have for someone reading this blog?

Confidence wont always get you to your goals, but work ethic will. I’ve always been confident and haven’t always had to try hard to excel at things, but at South Inc Nashville, there is no skating by. You can’t cheat the hustle here; it knows how hard you grind.

What 3 qualities does someone need to have to succeed at South Inc Nashville?

I think 1) they need to know what their strengths are and what they’re truly good at. 2) They truly need to care about people and helping others with the betterment of their lives and careers. 3) they need to have a healthy dose of confidence. In our industry, you have to believe in yourself and be willing to put in the work to become the best version of your self.

Jeremy, your insight is invaluable and your commitment to the team next to none. Thank you for a year of service to our mission and your professional development. Keep up the tremendous growth!

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