Behind The Wheel At South Inc Nashville 🚗

Fun-loving, kind-hearted, and humble doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Hunter Schoettle, but if we had to try to summarize him into 3 adjectives, those are the first that come to mind! One of the most genuine, energetic personalities to ever grace South Inc Nashville, Hunter reminds us daily how important it is to love what you do!

Born and raised in downtown Nashville (crazy, we know!), Hunter has fond memories of summers spent entirely outside. He recalls learning business lessons early on at his family’s cattle farm in Clarksville. A great work ethic and a commitment to his responsibilities were just 2 qualities Hunter perfected as a young kid – skills he would use 15 years later at South Inc Nashville!

Athletically inclined as well, Hunter played soccer year-round and wrestling, hockey, and pole-vaulting seasonally. Essentially, he was a major fan of any team sport he could do side-by-side with friends. With summers spent in Nantucket and winters spent on the slopes, Hunter developed a love for travel, which led him to choose an out-of-state school for college! In selecting the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa as his stomping grounds, Hunter started with interest in Veterinary Medicine, transitioned into Accounting, and ultimately decided on a degree in Hospitality Management. Confident in his communication and people skills, Hunter desired a career path that would let him exercise his love for people!

Fast forward 3 years and post-graduation, Hunter starting working for a local boutique hotel in downtown Nashville called Hutton Hotel. While he greatly improved on his ability to interact face-to-face with customers, he craved more experience on back-end business operations. He decided to take a summer MBA class at Vanderbilt University and met many influential business men and women, each who advised him that the secret to success was an initial job in sales. Eager to take the advice of those in positions he wished to hold, Hunter decided to make the leap from his job at Hutton to a career in sales.

Starting first at a Toyota dealership in Nashville, Hunter recalls loving the industry and the work but disliking the lack of advancement. After a year of hard work, Hunter fortuitously went out to lunch with a friend who had just interviewed with South Inc Nashville for the Management Training Program. Hunter’s friend encouraged him to interview as well. After calling and setting up a time to interview with the hiring manager, Hunter aced both his first and second interview and started with the company the following Monday!

Fast-forward a year later, we see a man who has matured and grown into a true “servant leader” – one who wishes for his team’s success more so than his own! With aspirations to move into an Assistant Management role within the next month and Management before the end of the year, Hunter is a prime example of hard work meeting opportunity.

When he’s not at work, you can find Hunter dreaming of the car he plans to own in three years (a dark gray Corvette Z06), watching Shameless on Netflix, hanging out with his significant other and his German Sheppard, or tearing up some trails with his new Jeep Wrangler! A massive fan of cars, Hunter finds the most joy when he’s behind the wheel!

In just a year’s time, Hunter has created such an incredible, positive impression on everyone that he has encountered at South Inc Nashville. His kindness, humility, and great taste in cars (haha! 😉) make him the ultimate asset to our team. With Hunter behind the wheel at South, we couldn’t imagine a more exciting future!

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